Help Desk and Asset Management Together at Last.

Know what you have. Track what you have. Support what you have. Hayes Software Systems has been helping K-12 districts manage assets throughout their entire life cycle, enabling administrators to make confident data-driven decisions since 1990. Learn more about how we can help your district save time, money, and resources.

TIPWeb-IT is the easy-to-use, fully automated online solution for asset inventory.  

  • Have complete control of your inventory records and confidence in your data  
  • Save time and streamline tasks with data flow between systems  
  • Manage the entire lifecycle of your assets  

TIPWeb-IM allows you to streamline your instructional material management. 

  •  Streamline inventory and distribution 
  • Automate data between your SIS and HR systems  
  • Ultimately reduce textbook losses and save your district time and money  

GetHelp is the integrated help desk system for managing the use, availability, and health of a districts’ assets.

  •  Enable streamlined support services and efficiently manage help desk tickets
  • Ensure quick response times so that educators and students can stay focused on education
  • Customize their system to best fit the needs of administrators 

Why Hayes Software Systems?

Hayes Software Systems is a company founded by an educator who believed in impacting the lives of students by supporting district staff. The inventory experts at Hayes software have been serving schools for nearly 30 years.

Integrates with district administrative software

Used over 7,700 K-12 Schools in the US and growing

Trusted by 35 of the Top 100 School Districts in the US

Exceptional Customer Service

The Customer Experience team is made up of education experts, project managers, trainers, and technical engineers who are passionate about empowering users from implementation and beyond. From ongoing training available, to exploring new features and product updates, to periodical wellness checks, you can expect unlimited resources to be continually at your fingertips. See what our customers say!

Additional Services

Consulting services

Successfully transforming your organization isn’t just about software. You need the right people and processes in place to make sure that your new systems delivers the business value you need.

Inventory services

Let our team do the hard work for you. In a fraction of the time it would take you, we’ll perform a physical audit of all your assets to create an accurate baseline inventory.

Scanners & Tags

Create a strong foundation for your inventory control with barcode labels, asset tags, and easy-to-use, handheld barcode scanners.


The needs of each district are unique and different, and we customize solutions for each of them. Contact an account manager to see how Hayes can help your district save time, money, and resources. Fill out your information an an account manager will be in touch shortly. 

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